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Beach Mystress

About Beach Mystress:

  • - I am not currently seeking. If I ever DO have a position open, it will be listed on Collarme.
  • - I'm not a wish fulfillment center
  • - I'm not a public utility and I'm not here to make anyone but myself happy.
  • - I am not life support for a whip-strapon-shoe-flogger.
  • - Just because I am kinky doesn't mean I welcome photos of stranger's sex organs.

I am an actual experienced real time 24/7 TPE Dominant Woman, not a bored housewife spicing up her life. 24/7 TPE means I am the head of my household. Think traditional 1950's home, only I'm the tyrannical husband who gets waited on hand and foot. My husband, Beach's toyboy, is my "wife" (non-cross dressing) and does all of the household chores, including shopping, window washing, cooking. car washing and laundry. He also takes care of all of my personal grooming needs such as giving me baths, painting my nails, shaving my legs, massages, dressing me, putting on my shoes and such.

I'm intelligent, creative, married and monogamous, and a touch sadistic. I first started showing dominant sexual behavior 24 years ago, when I talked a boyfriend into cross dressing (although I prefer masculine subs) but only identified myself with being "Domme" in 2000. In 2005 I married my collared sub toyboy and we are sexually monogamous. My main domestic sub, Beach's sissy maid aka gina joined us in 2008. We are minorly active in our local Scene, attending both munches and dungeons. Anyone looking to find the Southern California Scene should google "SoCalSMEvents" and join the yahoo group with the listing of all local events.

A strong believer in SSC (Safe, Sane and Consensual) play, I do respect RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink) if the people are truly aware of the risks involved. Physically, I'm 5'6", a BBPW(Big Beautiful Powerful Woman,) light brown long straight hair, hazel eyes and was born in late March- typical Aries. I revel in the physical manipulations I'm able to force upon my sub due to being a BBW! I have a maternal streak, as well as being sadistic, and love whispering sweet nothings in my husband's ear while I hurt him, or cuddling and soothing him after a long session. The maternal streak also means I feel very protective of my subs, and protective of subs in general.

My favorite forms of play:

  • -CBT
  • -Pain/Sadism/masochism - I'm a bit of a sadist and loooove the screams a sub makes when taking consensual pain for me.
  • -clothespins -I seem to have a slight fetish on that front..
  • -having my feet rubbed -NOT SUCKED.
  • -flogging/whipping/caning
  • -spanking/paddling
  • -anal/strap-on play
  • -tease and deny
  • -being pampered by my sub - including foot care, washing my hair, waiting on me, opening and holding doors, cooking, cleaning, laundry and such.
  • -photographing my sub at "play"

MY hard limits:

  • -children
  • -drugs/alcohol by either party in session - I want all of my and my sub's senses functioning normally. I don't want something masking a problem.
  • -gags - I have allergies, and am made uncomfortable by the thought of restricted breathing -bathroom functions - just flat out ewww.
  • -blood - small amounts like from a play piercing is ok, but in any larger quantity, it belongs INSIDE the body.
  • -anything that might cause a medical emergency- such as asphyxiaphilia or edge play. I have no desire to try explaining how something ended up where to a doctor or paramedic.
  • -illegal acts.

My secondary interests are foot worship (NO DROOLING ON MY FEET! Grounds for dismissal), hair worship (stroke my hair correctly, I'm a happy Woman), errands run, chores done, chastity, cross dressing, forced bi, sensation play, sensory deprivation and more. I also have a visual media fetish and enjoy photographing BDSM play and California landscapes Vanilla likes: reading, collecting signed first edition books, computers, ocean stuff, movies, chatting, theater, museums, good conversations, dining out, friends, aquariums, cats.



About Beach's toyboy:

 I would describe myself as fairly easy going and open minded. I enjoy reading, going out to eat, shooting pool, and movies, but regardless of the activity I will find a way to have fun.

I'm a TPE sub with several years experience. My main focus is being a "pleaser" sub who gets his satisfaction from making his One happy. While I do have things I enjoy, such as strap on play, hand  spankings, some forms of CBT and tease & deny, my true pleasure comes from my Mistress' happiness. To this end, I serve her in whatever fashion She chooses, be it sexual or things such as cooking dinner, washing her
car, cleaning or giving Her massages.

Unlike many who call themselves sub, I actually understand that my wants and desires are secondary and am willing to overlook my needs to satisfy Hers. I know that being submissive doesn't mean handing a Dominant a long list of desires and limits; nor does it start or end at any certain time. Expecting nothing done for or to me, I accept if she wishes to give and always maintain an attitude of service to her. I do not play at being submissive. It is who I am, both in my heart and in daily HOME life. (I do not submit to any but Mistress. The most I offer any other, be they Dominant, submissive or vanilla, is common courtesy.) I exist to serve Her and am
only happy when she is happy and content.

I am collared by and married to my Mistress, Beach Mystress. We are in a happy, committed, monogamous Female-led relationship that closely resembles a 1950's marriage; other than the fact that I take the traditional duties of the "wife."

  We're active in the local scene, playing at friend's homes, dungeons and other events. We attend munches and occasional educational events.