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This page links to Beach Mystress' and Beach's toyboy's photo albums, videos, profiles and groups. If you are over 18, please feel free to visit any and all of them. If you'd like to know more about Ms. Beach or toy, click the ABOUT link above.

If you are new to the lifestyle and looking to add to your knowledge, visit my yahoo group of lifestyle links. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Beachs_Ds_links/ They are some of the more useful ones I have found.


Beach's Collarme profile
toy's Collarme profile

My Flickr Photostream
 It is free to join (If you have a Yahoo ID, log into Flickr with it) and free to upload and view photos, (including adult photos!) You have to make sure your account is set to view "restricted" photos or you'll just see our "safe" ones. To get to that setting, go to the arrow next to You (top menu on Flickr) and click it; select the Your Account entry down near the bottom. Scroll all the way down to "Content filters" and edit "Search settings" YOU MUST SELECT "SafeSearch off" OR YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SEE ANY OF THE PLAY PHOTOS. The default is to have safe search on, which stops any photos rated R, X or XXX from showing. I love Flickr! You can put photos are in sets, so it is easy to browse. They have wonderful groups so you can find other photos in the catagories you like. (I belong to a bunch of CBT ones, of course.) Flickr allows adult images and groups if they are properly rated. (If you're going to post any nudes at all, make sure you rate your uploads as restricted. That means that it is for adults only. If you accidently mark a nude as safe, they will delete your account!)

I have groups on Flickr. Here are links to a few of them. Please feel free to join any or all.
You may not post web-found photos or photos of anyone other than yourself or your partner in any of the groups. You're encouraged to post your own photos in the appropriate groups.
Beach Mystress' BDSM Playtimes & male submissives
These are all my photos gathered into one group. This makes them much easier to browse. I am the only one who posts photos to this group, though everyone is welcomed to join in the discussions!
Husband Training Group
This group is for married couples in which the wife is the head of the household. It's for photos of husbands being submissive, the wife Dominant or the pair engaged in play.
Dominant BBW
A group focusing on the beauty and power of the Dominant BBW.
Dominant Women and submissive men
This group is for Domme and subs to share photos of their playtimes as well as discuss any topic. 

Lifestyle Domme
This group revolves around those wonderful Dominant women who do BDSM for the sheer joy of it rather than for pay.
For the celebration of all Dominant women. Pros are welcome as long as they do not try to use the group to solicit customers.
A place for CBT
Of course I have a group for my favorite fetish!
BDSM & Fetishes
A place for everyone's kink (within Flickr's TOS.) Share photos of yourself playing or involved in your fetishes.

I have a few photos and some of my old video clips here.

Beach's FetLife profile
toy's FetLife profile
They offer groups, blogs, free uncensored photo hosting and a list of events. The only problem is they don't give you a way to organize the photos. (You just have to go through pages and pages.. sigh) You have to join, but it is a free site! It's a great networking site (Not really set up for finding partners.) And yes, some of my photos are posted here also. They're starting to offer video hosting and viewing, but you have to pay to view, so I will not host my vid clips with them.

Beach Mystress' XTube video and photos
Xtube is an X rated version of YouTube. They allow you to post your own naughty videos and photos. I have the 15 min strap on clip here, along with some of my photos.. X-tube has a pay version and a free version. (My vid clip is in the free section, of course.)It's a bit confusing to navagate at first. If the link to my profile doesn't work, just go to http://xtube.com/

Beach Mystress' Myspace profile & Blog
toy's Myspace profile & blog
We don't update the myspace pages any longer.

Find your sub or Dom/me here!